Dillon's "Kind" Is Mindblowingly Beautiful

Music is meant to mystify. To capture a moment of emotion and make it something big. Dillon is Brazil's most eclectic pop singer, and she makes it clear on her new record. Dillon's Kind is mindblowingly beautiful, with intriguing production and haunting moments to support it.

Kind is an album that's constantly shifting its dynamic. Opening track 'Kind' introduces Dillon's ghastly production style, effected vocals catching your ear in just the right ways. 'Stem & Leaf' follows through on a much darker and moodier note - while 'Kind' was about the uncertainty with the vocal production, 'Stem' is more old-fashioned, focussing in on the instrumental to add to its darkness. After 'Stem' comes 'Shades Fade,' which is just gorgeous from every angle.

The fact that Kind can change from song to song while still staying under a general overarching theme and still sound cohesive if mindblowing. There are so many moments you wish lasted longer on the record, sometimes more out of necessity than need; 'Te Procuro' is an absolutely gorgeous song, and if only it was just a bit longer it would be pure bliss. The same is true for 'The Present.' The album evolves even as it ends; after the jagged and haunting 'Regular Movements' and the weird 'Contact Us,' the album ends on an electronic epic, fittingly titled '2. Kind,' taking sounds from the opening track and turning it into a dark EDM epic.

Dillon's Kind is mindblowingly beautiful, perfectly expanding upon every element of production and tone in such a way that every track is unique, but the album has a clear evolution form beginning to end. It'll shake you to the core; even though it is largely minimalistic, it will grab you with its endless atmosphere.

Favorite Tracks: 2. Kind, Lullaby, Kind, Steam & Leaf

Least Favorite Track: Contact Us

Rating: 87 / 100

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