Girl Ray Takes Things Back On "Earl Grey"

Taking things slowly is often times the right way to go in many situations. Girl Ray takes things back on Earl Grey, their debut album that rings with an indie sweetness and a gentle atmosphere allowing for a slow and soothing experience.

The beauty of Earl Grey is most definitely its laidback atmosphere. You can sway along to it slowly as it passes by without much thought. Opening with 'Just Like That,' Girl Ray immediately kick it back and jam out without creating a very active sound, remaining chill all the way through. The album progresses just as sweetly, finding moments to shine such as on the glimmering 'Don't Go Back At Ten' and moments to let loose like in the jazzy and free textures of 'A Few Months.'

A problem with the record is that it almost seems lackadaisical in a sense. The forward moving vibe never gets too active or shows too much creativity, save for a few moments. The thirteen minute 'Earl Grey (Stuck In A Groove)' is a risky track that stays punchy and a bit old-fashioned, but remains powerful all the same giving the album a sense of uncertainty. It's not a track you would really go back to often but its one that takes a good risk all the same, which can't be said for many other songs.

Girl Ray takes things back on Earl Grey, bringing a lighthearted and free spirited indie sound to a laidback mood. It's not too exciting, but it has its moments of brilliance and tends to shine in the right places. Not everything has to be about a rush to power. Sometimes you just have to take things slow.

Favorite Tracks: A Few Months, Earl Grey (Stuck In A Groove)

Least Favorite Track: Waiting Ages

Rating: 65 / 100

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