Nothing Happens In 21 Savage's "Issa Album"

Trap rappers make zero sense to many people, but what they usually have going for them is hype. Something about the way the music just gets you going makes the mumbling seem almost unnoticeable (unless, of course, you're Travis Scott, in which case the autotune adds to the hype). 21 Savage is among this new wave of rappers, but his new album proves that without the hype, trap rap can be pretty uninteresting. Nothing happens in 21 Savage's Issa Album at all, leaving a very dull listening experience.

Issa Album starts off nicely, at the very least. Content-wise, lyrics are abominable, but that's a characteristic the entire album has. It begins with 'Famous,' a track with a very solid instrumental but subpar lyrics. And from there it's all downhill. There is literally not another redeemable moment on the album besides this one instrumental.

If you find yourself dozing off in this record, it's not a surprise. There is little if anything to note for the rest of the record. I actually tuned out listening to it until I remembered something was playing in the background because everything is just so genuinely boring. After the weak bars on 'Close My Eyes' and the realization that 21 Savage knows about five words on 'Bad Business,' everything just falls out of context and into plain boredom.

Nothing happens in 21 Savage's Issa Album as he tries to take a more gentle approach, which is something that just doesn't work out for a lot of trap rappers. It has the style but not the energy or power to get anything or anyone going, and it's a tragedy to listen to.

Favorite Track: Famous

Least Favorite Track: Money Convo

Rating: 46 / 100

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