Galantis Keeps Things Trendy On "The Aviary"

The whole premise of pop music is to stay trendy if you're not trying to change the trend. Galantis keeps things trendy on The Aviary, not treading too far from any one idea and playing it very safe.

To say that just because it's trendy means it's not good is wrong. The Aviary provides for a pretty pleasing listen, opening track 'True Feeling' bringing the album in with warm, good vibes. The fun synths and bright melodies keep you grooving along to the beat as the song runs its course. The good, poppy vibes carry on throughout the entire record, making their way into the melodies of 'Girls On Boys' and 'Love On Me.'

The problem with sticking to trends is that it can lead the music to feeling almost like a cop out. It's not to say that all music that stays trendy can come off this way, but there's definitely a disconnect on The Aviary between making music meant for the radio and genuine music. It goes out of its way to seek some sort of interesting metaphor at times, like 'Hey Alligator,' the song just feeling awfully misguided in what it wants to say. It really does reach for that element of being different at times, and it doesn't really pay off.

Galantis keeps things trendy on The Aviary, for better and for worse. On one hand, the album is packed with a bunch of catchy tracks that'll keep you grooving. On the other, The Aviary doesn't feel genuine a lot of the time, getting lost in pop sensibility and grabbing at meaning. Even if you try to balance both, sometimes it just won't work out.

Favorite Track: Call Me Home

Least Favorite Track: Hey Alligator

Rating: 60 / 100

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