Hurts Dig Deep In Their Emotional New Record "Desire"

If there's one thing we all end up learning, is that love hurts. When our emotions get us down, its often times music that keeps us going. And there's nothing like listening to music about heartbreak to help us through one. Hurts dig deep in their emotional new record Desire and share a lot of powerful feelings.

The electronic duo always have had a way of keeping their mood strong. Opening track 'Beautiful Ones' brings the album in on a catchy note, the sweet song really grabbing your attention with its infectious sound. A poppier drive is adopted in 'Ready To Go,' the sweetness continuing on. 'People Like Us' gets even poppier but without compromising Hurts' integrity, the symphonic elements adding a nice accentuation to the music.

The most powerful dynamic of Desire is the storytelling. You can really feel the emotion in each track, especially when speaking of something sadder. 'Wherever You Go' brings in a sweet sentiment in, not necessarily treading into darker ground but making a nice, memorable song all the same. 'Chaperone' is a stripped down song that consists of only piano and vocals, giving the story the lead presence. It's a very sweet little song, the vocoder adding a huge element of sweetness to the song. Other tracks like 'Something I Need To Know' and 'Hold On To Me' sing of more tragic tales about failing loves, personally hitting home for me. There's a lot packed into the "I'm not gonna lie / I knew all along / But this is your chance / To just prove me wrong / Why didn't you call me right back" and "But this is not the way, it's not the way it's meant to be / And I know right now it hurts / But just don't give up on me" that make up the respective choruses of the songs.

Hurts dig deep in their emotional new record Desire, offering up honest recollections of love that will hit you hard, no matter what your experiences with love have been. Whether it be searching for love or losing it, and everything in between, Desire hits home in many ways and won't leave a single heart untouched.

Favorite Tracks: Hold On To Me, Something I Need To Know, Chaperone, People Like Us

Least Favorite Track: Spotlights

Rating: 83 / 100

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