Mew Sounds Sweet In New Album "Visuals"

There's a certain atmosphere that comes when Mew is making music. They have an alternative rock sound with this very gooey sound that can make for a really cool listen. Mew sounds sweet in new album Visuals, achieving that in many different ways.

The sweetness is evident right from the start. 'Nothingness and No Regrets' is a sweet track to kick the record off with, its gooey symphonics and joyous vocals bringing a very pretty image to the beginning of the album. Similar sweetness is what really makes the rest of the record shine. There are particular moments in the middle of the record where that theme really shines through to give the record its color. 'Twist Quest' at the center of the record has a glitchy personality to it that makes it dinky and silly with an anthemic twist. 'Shoulders' shines with a sort of atmospheric presence, its chords smooth and vocals reverberating outwards slowly.

The sound of Visuals doesn't really feel complete until the end. Starting with 'Zanzibar,' the album really takes a big, complete turn. With its poetic vibe and dreamy synthscape, it really stands out as something special on the record. It's just a genuinely beautiful track, the innocent pianos and somber vocal melodies working together to make a very pretty song. 'Carry Me To Safety' ends the record off on a big note, its anthemic build providing a grandiose outro to a record while still keeping its sweet foundation in check.

To be frank, a lot of Visuals is average at best. It's a good album, but the moments that stand out are a lot more pronounced and show that there could've been a lot more done to make the record better. Songs like 'The Wake Of Your Life' have an anthemic and warm drive to them, but misses out on really wrapping everything together, whereas the song following it, 'Candy Pieces All Smeared Out,' has an unforgettable intro with its heavy crunchy guitar backed by the brass accentuations. That creative energy almost feels lost in a lot of places on the record.

Mew sounds sweet in Visuals even if the entire thing isn't as big as you'd hope it'd be. Regardless, it still has plenty of tunes to groove along to, and even a few to make you think. It's an album with a presence that feels familiar and warm, so you'll have that warm, fuzzy feeling within you no matter when or how you listen.

Favorite Tracks: Zanzibar, Candy Pieces All Smeared Out, Carry Me To Safety

Least Favorite Tracks: In A Better Place, Learn Our Crystals

Rating: 72 / 100

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