Son Lux Finds Groove In Darkness On "Remedy"

One of the most ethereal figures in the world of electronica right now is Son Lux. They've only solidified that stance further with their latest EP, which is so out there that it's hard to even assign it to a genre. Son Lux finds groove in darkness on Remedy in ways that no one could ever think of.

There's something raw in Remedy, which is saying something considering how jagged it's composition is. Listen in to 'Part Of This,' and it is almost unbelievable that something so seemingly chaotic can come together so seamlessly. Yet it does, and in those jittery synths and affected vocals you find a sense of real pain. The same is true of the following track 'Stolen,' though it has a more ghastly composition to it. It's hauntingly tortured, as if spirits are reaching out to capture the words the vocals lay.

The sense of darkness this EP has really makes it stand out. It's not just a electronic record but to dark synths. It goes much deeper than that; it's as if post-rock met a slightly dancey tone, and created some visceral beast. The opening track achieves this best. 'Dangerous' begins demandingly with its abyssal affected guitar movement, before the vocals emptily kick in, as if they are the victim of years of some unexplained torture. The song builds and swells without losing this dynamic, setting the album up for its powerful sound.

Son Lux finds groove in darkness on Remedy and makes something truly unique. Its music that brings about a sense of violence that we all carry within us, bringing it to the surface and coaxes us to act upon it. It's as if Chelsea Wolfe collaborated with Björk, a combination that no one ever knew they wanted. But after listening to this EP, all you can ask for is more of this sound. All we can do now is hope that Son Lux follows this path when they release their next full length.

Favorite Tracks: Dangerous, Stolen

Least Favorite Track: Remedy

Rating: 86 / 100

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