Mura Masa Brings Chill Electronica In "Mura Masa"

Some laidback electronica is at times all you need to have a nice time. That being said, if you're looking for something invigorating it won't always provide you with what you want. Mura Masa brings chill electronica in Mura Masa, his self-titled debut.

There's lots of laidback music on Mura Masa that really sets the sensual mood in place. Opening track 'Messy Love' brings a lot of peaceful ambiance and some interesting chords to make the song sound pretty unique. It's nothing special in terms of content but it definitely gets the album off on the right footing. Much of the album follows a similar production as this one and it never gets too far from the theme, but one track that does stand out is 'All Around The World' with Desiigner. Typically Desiigner isn't the one always changing the game but the harmonies he does and the overall sound of track makes everything work out.

The big problem with Mura Masa is that nothing really happens in it. Nothing will capture your attention after the first track - it's all pretty much the same. '1 Night' with Charli XCX sounds like a pretty good pop track on the surface, but the formula just repeats itself throughout the rest of the album. Its down to the fact that you can appreciate the nice melodies of 'Second 2 None' near the end of the record but it'll just sound the same as everything else. Even Damon Albarn can't spice things up too much on closing track 'Blu.'

Mura Masa brings chill electronica in Mura Masa but not much else. It gets very repetitive quickly and while it's not a horrible sound, there's nothing that stands out. It has a good prospect but gets old much too quickly.

Favorite Track: All Around The World

Least Favorite Track: give me The ground

Rating: 70 / 100

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