Silverstein Delivers No Punches In "Dead Reflection"

As time goes on it gets harder for metalcore artists to really sound fresh and unique when they continue to stay close to their sounds. Some bands add in electronic elements while others try to change up their style, though some just get caught in a rut and forget that the classic post-hardcore sound has long become stale. For these reasons, Silverstein delivers no punches in Dead Reflection

Silverstein try to change things up on their sound, but they're doing what ever other band in the genre has already done: incorproate soft moments into the music. It's been this way for post-hardcore for years, so there's really nothing special at all about Dead Reflection. That's why you can already tell this album won't have much going for it when 'Last Looks' opens the record on a completely standard and unremarkable note. The only thing this song has going for it is the melody in the pre-chorus, and that's all the album has going for it until 'Mirror Box' comes in with properly produced guitars. 'Aquamarine' is a disgrace of a track (coming from someone who's been through the exact scenario it's described) and every other track just sounds purely bland.

There really just isn't anything that stands out on this album. From start to finish you're met with bland production, nothing separating the band from all the other bland metalcore acts out there. Even when the band tries to tell stories, like in 'The Afterglow,' but they just rush through the whole point of the song leaving nothing to be remembered. Closing the record on a semi-slow track in 'Wake Up' doesn't solve any problems either, in fact just bringing it down even more.

Silverstein delivers no punches in Dead Reflection, offering up a very weak and unmemorable record. It's another run-of-the-mill metalcore album with no substance and no story. Even the production is lackluster on this one. There's just nothing to be found in this album, and nothing you can even start to look for.

Favorite Track: Mirror Box

Least Favorite Track: Aquamarine

Rating: 47 / 100

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