Circuit Des Yeux's "Reaching For Indigo" Is Hauntingly Pretty

There's something disturbingly beautiful in lo-fi, moody imagery. That's the summation of Circuit Des Yeux's new record. Circuit Des Yeux's Reaching For Indigo is hauntingly pretty, production and gorgeous melodies backing its aesthetic.

It's hard to say what Reaching For Indigo actually is. It's a sort of experimental indie record, a combination that can really be hit or miss. For the most part, however, Circuit Des Yeux holds her ground. Opening track 'Brainshift' has this haunting bluesiness to it that really sets the tone for the album. The darker side of the album is dominated by gorgeous builds and moody melodies, such as the beautiful piano intro to 'Philo' that ultimately leads to a grand explosion in the end. Reaching For Indigo even delves into a doom metal vibe in 'A Story Of This World Part II,' giant distorted guitars setting the atmosphere on that one.

Various songs on the record have an old-school production style to them that adds to its character. It's like your hearing David Bowie in the 70s for the first time. There's a psychedelic and even hallucinogenic vibe to the production style in 'Paper Bag' and its soaring arpeggios, it's slight rebellious edge separating it from a typical Bowie track. 'Black Fly' is the first song on the album that exhibits such a sound, though its extravagance and sweet production really makes it feel like it came out of Bowie's playbook. The sweetness comes and goes through Reaching For Indigo, but the album ultimately ends on a sweet note in 'Falling Blonde.'

Circuit Des Yeux's Reaching For Indigo is hauntingly pretty, ranging from sounds of atmospheric doom metal to 70s Bowie extravagance. It's an experiment that tests many different ideas to see which best fits the mood, and there's no conclusive answer. Every track, no matter how different, serves a purpose in building the larger picture of the record, tying it together in its ghastly noise.

Favorite Track: Black Fly

Least Favorite Track: Call Sign E8

Rating: 74 / 100

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