Charli XCX Fails To Reach The Right Level In "Number 1 Angel"

Pop music today is all about one of two things: emotionally sparse or anthemically big. That's the recipe for an album - if at least one song on a record can meet those requirements and do it well, you've sold a good album. Unfortunately, despite the mixtape featuring plenty of tracks, Charli XCX fails to reach the right level in Number 1 Angel.

Let's start with the promising moments. The album begins pretty well with 'Dreamer,' the nice intro giving the album a dramatic start. It's followed by some pretty standard pop vibes that doesn't really reach an interesting level, but still serve as an okay pop song. '3AM (Pull Up)' featuring  is much the same, not really reaching a high point but still maintaining a general standardness.

Unfortunately there isn't much more praise this mixtape deserves. Most of this record is just downright boring and has no replay value. The only brief burst of a little more energy comes halfway in with 'Emotion,' one of the only songs that has promise on the record. It's followed by 'ILY2,' another promising track that is brought own by the fact that's it's essentially the same song that comes before it.

The rest of the record is just boring. When it's not boring, you're probably in shock from just how bad it was. She has issues with enunciating her words, so you hear phrases like "do you wanna vote with me in 'Roll With Me' and get annoyed at how her "you's" sound like "yuh." If things weren't already annoying enough, you have 'Babygirl' which is the definition of annoying pop and the album closes on 'Lipgloss' featuring CupcakKe, which you just have to ask: who in their right mind thought this would be a good idea?

This mixtape is a mess of memes for features and tired music. There is nothing with any meat or anything that reaches an interesting level. Number 1 Angel is tired and attempts to create catchy pop tunes out of the standard, tired sounds, leaving you with a boring record to listen to.

Favorite Track: Emotion

Least Favorite Tracks: Lipgloss, Babygirl

Rating: 45 / 100