Fever Ray Makes It Weird On "Plunge"

Electronica is an expansive genre, which makes it unsurprising that there are plenty of weirder numbers in there somewhere. Fever Ray helps add to that chaos. Fever Ray makes it weird on Plunge, her jagged electronics pairing with her crystalline voice in superb ways.

Weird is not indicative of "bad" by any means. The weirdest songs, in fact, are often the most memorable. Plunge is introduced by 'Wanna Sip,' its weird atmosphere setting the tone for the record but captivating you all the same. It's just weird enough that you can hear something brewing but can't quite make it out - you have to keep listening to find it. 'Mustn't Hurry' lets you more easily explore each and every crevice of it with its minimalistic form, though it still grabs you into its atmosphere even if there's less going on.

Fever Ray really keeps things sounding original on Plunge, which does make it pretty refreshing. There are some songs that you really could ave never hoped to hear otherwise, like 'IDK About You,' which is more or less what the product of Björk going to Africa would sound like. The wavy sounds of the synths in title track 'Plunge' are also pretty entrancing. There's nothing particularly stand out on the record even if it does grab you in, though there's nothing really bad about it either. The only moment that can really be questioned are the lyrics in 'To The Moon and Back,' though the fun instrumental helps counter it.

Fever Ray makes it weird on Plunge, giving the record its own original vibe while still keeping your attention based around it. It's not a particularly exciting record, but it holds its ground as a solid effort to add the music's kingdom of weirdness.

Favorite Track: IDK About You

Least Favorite Track: To The Moon and Back

Rating: 71 / 100

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