Godspeed You! Black Emperor Sound Optimistic In "Luciferian Towers"

There really isn't one mood you can attach to post-rock. It can be anything and everything at the same time. Godspeed You! Black Emperor have always been one of the genre's leading figures, and they know that principle like the back of their hands. Godspeed You! Black Emperor sounds optimistic in Luciferian Towers, building a pretty confident note amongst all else.

There's a considerable side of post-rock that dives deep into a warm atmosphere, its scenery filled by shrill guitars to fill the whole stereo field. A lot of Luciferian Towers has at least elements of that. Opening track 'Undoing A Luciferian Tower' brings the album to an interesting start, the complete lack of any negative feelings really making it stand out from what you may expect. It has a sort of krautrock nature to it, adding some texture to the track as it plays.

As any post-rock album, it's hard to really just define things by songs. A good post-rock album is like a movement, from one section to another, not necessarily determined by the changing of a track title. It's really important to note that on this record, considering it's a forty minute record that spans across four tracks. 'Bosses Hang' has a confident beginning that spirals out elsewhere as it goes, closing track 'Anthem For No State' being similar but at the same time completely different, having a more definitive, badass western-style sound. The gap between the two is pretty fluent, 'Fam_Famine' acting as a sort of vessel for change for the two. It's a nice middleground even though the tracks themselves adjust to fit the flow.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor sound optimistic in Luciferian Towers, another well-constructed post-rock record from one of the genre's leading outfits. You can't really go wrong with post-rock. Even at the end of the day when you're not necessarily thrilled or excited by anything within the record, you're left satisfied.  When it goes deeper, of course, it's all the better.

Favorite Track: Anthem For No State

Least Favorite Track: Fam_Famine

Rating: 70 / 100

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