Get Ready To Groove With Portugal. The Man's "Woodstock"

As far as alternative rock is concerned, the brand of funk rock that dwells within it is a booming industry. At the top of the hierarchy of these funk rockers is Portugal. The Man, a group of Alaskan rockers who has been delivering some groove for over a decade. They're back with their eighth record, so get ready to groove with Portugal. The Man's Woodstock.

The album, named after the legendary 1969 music festival, has humble roots. It kicks off with 'Number One,' introducing the record with a sample of Richie Havens, an artist who performed at the original Woodstock. A moody atmosphere is backed by a funky vibe, giving the album a footwork to keep it going. A chiller vibe takes precedence in following track 'Easy Tiger,' a lot more elements falling into place amidst the poppier sound.

There's a bigger alternative presence on the record that really ties it together. Firstly evident in 'Live In The Moment' and its huge atmosphere and great ending, this makes the record really flow well. It's pretty evident on most of the record following the first one, tracks like 'Rich Friends' and 'Tidal Wave' both having the similar laidback but anthemic vibe to them. 

The album's focus on groove doesn't lose any focus throughout its playtime. From beginning to end, the foundations of funk still reign prominent. Even the edgier tracks like 'Mr Lonely' featuring Fatlip with its hip-hop and soul laden instrumental have a strong groove element to them. From the the glitchy beat of 'Easy Tiger' to the brass riffs in 'Tidal Wave,' this record really doesn't lose its footing. Closing track and single 'Noise Pollution' has a dreamier and chaotic atmosphere to end it all of on a hectic note, but even within the glitched up dance synths and Latin-tinged melodies, the groove is undeniably there.

Get ready to groove with Portugal The Man's Woodstock, because you'll be moving from start to finish. Amongst alternative vibes, a core groove s never lost and from start to end, there's an important sense of honesty in the record. From celebrating the chaos of music and keeping its purpose grounded, Woodstock is a strong effort from a big band.

Favorite Tracks: Live In The Moment, Easy Tiger, Rich Friends

Least Favorite Track: Mr Lonely

Rating: 77 / 100

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