Spoon Brings The Groove In "Hot Thoughts"

Spoon made all the indie headlines when their eighth album They Want My Soul redefined the indie scene of 2014. The band are back and bring the groove in Hot Thoughts, their ninth record that's ready to take over just like they did last time. 

Right from the start of the record, you're met with some infectious funk. Title track 'Hot Thoughts' leads the record in with a huge composure, lead vocalist Britt Daniel roaring and screeching above the spiraling track as its groove increases with every passing second. The melodies of the track are phenomenal, and the instrumental providing the song with a lot of character and life. It transitions directly into the dark and spiraling 'WhisperI'lllistentohearit,' a moodier track with some thickness to it.

There are many moments on Hot Thoughts that are so groovy that it's almost tangible. At the core of the record comes 'Can I Sit Next To You' with its infectious charm coming from every angle. It is led in by a punchy guitar riff an Daniel's upfront yet charming lyrics that ask "Can I sit next to you / can you sit next to me." There's a slight rasp in his voice that, paired with the general swagger of the track, really makes this song fun. The drive of 'Shotgun' also pairs with this, the guitar chords ringing melodically and with a lot of threat. There' an undeniable sense of urgency laced into this track, giving its drive and galloping bassline some meaning.

Some tracks are darker than what you may expect from this seemingly fun record. Some tracks attempt to bridge the darker sounds with the fun ones. 'Do I Have To Take You Into It' sounds like a funk rock version of Nine Inch Nails with its roared, distorted vocals and creepy atmosphere that lie above the sweet beat and bouncing synths. Other tracks fully revolve around a darker mood without attempting to bridge things together, like the beautiful 'I Ain't The One.' The guitar line is just fantastic, and Daniel sounds genuinely pained in this track, the light beat and occasional additional noise that soon build up giving the track some dimension and scenery. The album ends on the haunting jazzy sound of 'Us,' and instrumental that revolves around echoing saxophones.

Spoon may just be the masters of indie. They never fail to make an unforgettable record, and though every track may not be a hit, they all serve a purpose int he context of the record. Every track on Hot Thoughts really brings the groove or provides a moment of realization, making the record feel complete. You can't beat out the groove of this album.

Favorite Tracks: Hot Thoughts, I Ain't The One, Can I Sit Next To You

Least Favorite Track: Tear It Down

Rating: 84 / 100

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