Nothing More Bring The Jams In "The Stories We Tell Ourselves"

Nothing More is a band that can always keep things fresh with their music. They have a sound so raw and powerful that it's hard to really even begin to emulate, and it's no surprise that Nothing More bring the jams in The Stories We Tell Ourselves, their new album.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves is an album that has a very paranoid overtone to it. Frantic instrumentals and cautionary lyrics build the album up to be what it is, single 'Let 'Em Burn' setting the perfect tone of the album. The alternative tinge to it gives it replayability, but the thick and angry screams and jagged riffs give it that urgency that the albums functions off of. 'Ripping Me Apart' follows with an even more giant atmosphere, the song seething violence while still maintaining just the right sense of melody.

The intensity of The Stories We Tell Ourselves really gives it its extra punch. Even the opening interlude 'Ambition; Destruction' is purposefully placed, not letting the album begin on a quiet note; instead, it builds up in a chaotic frenzy as it leads into 'Do You Really Want It?' The album goes on and progresses with drive, there not being a moment that sounds weak. Not a lot of moments really stand out as above and beyond, but every song brings its own touch to the plate. The growth of 'Don't Stop' and its intense vocals make it a highlight on the record, while the progression and lyrics of 'Go To War' make that track a definitive one on the album.

Nothing More bring the jams in The Stories We Tell Ourselves, perfectly displaying paranoia with melody, anger, and, above all, loads of energy. There's not a weak moment on the album, as it explodes with fury at every opportunity it gets. It's a long one, but one that'll never stop rolling.

Favorite Tracks: Go To War, Ripping Me Apart, Don't Stop

Least Favorite Track: Accept; Disconnect

Rating: 80 / 100

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