Prurient's "Rainbow Mirror" Is The Sound Of The Apocalypse

There is nothing optimistic about Prurient's music. His experimental noise project has always been the voice of devastation; the sound of nothing being left. If everything isn't falling apart by the seams in the world he creates, then the song is not finished. Prurient's Rainbow Mirror is the sound of the apocalypse, bringing eerie, empty images of a world long-abandoned.

Prurient's apocalyptic world isn't asteroids falling through the atmosphere and creating craters in the Earth. In similar fashion to Cattle Decapitation's The Anthropocene Extinction, Prurient's apocalypse is devoid of any life. It's shadowed by dark clouds and craggy surfaces, as if no life could have ever existed in the first place. 'Barefoot God' introduces the record, Prurient creating the first pictures of the world. You picture one man, meant to be God, broken down and slowly wading forward through a world devoid of any joy, darkness and emptiness surrounding every inch of the world. 'Walking On Dehydrated Coral' adds to the world's landscape, its apocalyptic sounds giving credence to the empty world.

Rainbow Mirror takes you far and wide throughout the world. It seems some societies do exist in this broken world, but none ruled by heroes. 'Okinawan Burial Vaults' enters the world of the dead, with sounds of horror and industrial control consuming you. The deceit of 'April Fool's Day Aspect Sinister' continues to draw upon the poison of humanity with its haunting and dangerous sounds. The two part 'Buddha Strangled In Vines' feels like a final damning of humanity, as even the most peaceful of figures is victim to the poison the world created.

Prurient's Rainbow Mirror is the sound of the apocalypse, creating a world where life seems to have never been able to exist in the first place. The emptiness of the world will shake you to the core and transport you to a horrifying world, making you wonder: is this where we may be heading? Rainbow Mirror is a three-hour journey into the aftermath of society. Sometimes it takes shock to put things into perspective.

Favorite Track: Barefoot God

Least Favorite Track: April Fool's Day Aspect Sinister

Rating: 76 / 100

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