Ty Segall Delivers Some Quick Energy In "Sentimental Goblins" EP

Indie and garage rocker Ty Segall just pumped out a studio album in January, but he's not done sharing some new music. He's delivered some quick energy in his short but sweet Sentimental Goblins EP.

There isn't much too the album that you have to prepare for. It is led in by the dinky indie track 'Pan,' a soft beat and some distorted guitars leading the track throughout its three minute length as Segall sings with a lot of vibrato and a lazy timbre. 'Black Magick' follows through with some darker, moodier tones that aren't as jarring as the prior track. This song is actually pretty laidback and has some sparkly textures.

The thing with Sentimental Goblins is that there really isn't much going on in it that prompts you to want to return to it. 'Pan' is dinky, yes, but it really doesn't have much direction to it. It slowly devolves into this off-kilter track with some noodly guitars that really don't sound all that great. It feels like everything was put onto the track for purposes of making something weird. 'Black Magick' isn't bad, but it doesn't really have much going on in it to prompt another listen.

Sentimental Goblins is a short but energetic little EP, but there really isn't much you'll miss out on if you're looking for some jammy tunes. The short EP has two songs, neither of which really have a strong grasp on what they want to do or the tone they try to achieve. It's new music, though, so fans are bound to be happy by the influx of new tracks. Hopefully Segall has more up his sleeve that has a bit meat to it.

Favorite Track: Black Magick

Least Favorite Track: Pan

Rating: 50 / 100

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