Kiiara & Felix Snow Come Together For Chill New Track 'Whippin'

Kiiara's on course to have the year of a lifetime. Not only is her collaboration with Linkin Park - 'Heavy' - blowing up, but she's also opening for The Chainsmokers on their huge North American tour that starts tomorrow. She's not done dropping some of her own music, though. She's teamed up with produced Felix Snow for a chill new track called 'Whippin.'

There isn't much too 'Whippin,' and that's part of its charm. The intro is led in with by vocal chops and gentle harpsichord synth chords, Kiiara's first verse following shortly after. Her gentle, crystal voice sounds very pure above the synth, and after the second vocal chop break, she takes it down to her lower register for a more risqué verse. The vocal chops come back in as they take the song back out.

The problem with this track is that it is more than 50% that vocal chop hook. The verses seem to get lost in the endless "whippin in the car with you" iterations. The last minute of the song is just that, and the instrumental doesn't have anything major going on in it to keep it going. It's clearly not a song meant for much hype, but something to vibe to. If it wasn't so one-faced and had more going on in it, it could've been a great song. There's a point where that hook gets pretty annoying, though.

There's no word as to when Kiiara's debut record will come out, but with all the attention she's getting it certainly can't be too far off. All I can hope is that it isn't as repetitive as 'Whippin.' She and Felix Snow produced a pretty crystalline track but forgot to develop it as it went by. Not a bad song, but one that gets old pretty fast. 

Rating: 70 / 100

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