Thy Art Is Murder Sound Relentless On "Dear Desolation"

Metal often has its finest moments when it's aggressive and raw. Thy Art Is Murder sound relentless on Dear Desolation, and album that really captures aggression and anger in a fine and compressed form.

Don't expect a break when going into this album. From opening track 'Slaves Beyond Death' to the damning ending of 'No Absolution,' Dear Desolation thrashes forward, clawing into everything in its path as its rage spews out. The album quickly reaches a very aggressive tone as soon as 'The Son Of Misery' rolls in, guttural screams and unforgiving riffs chugging the track forward. 'Puppet Master' changes up the pace a bit, sounding more frantic but contains much more dynamic riffing than the tracks before.

Dear Desolation is an album about the rawness of emotion, specifically the darker ones. The album reaches its angriest peak in the center, 'Death Dealer' bringing an anger that feels like of a million tortured souls screaming in unison. 'Man Is The Enemy' follows up with a powerful sound, the ending sound massive and unrelenting. 'Fire In The Sky' is another powerful song, unrelenting in nature and truly barreling down in rage. It's these songs that really capture the entire album.

Thy Art Is Murder sound relentless on Dear Desolation, creating a powerful and dynamic metal record full of rage and power. From beginning to end, the album pushes the anger out of you with brief moments of emptiness along the way. It's paced and executed powerful and may even bring some anger out of you, too.

Favorite Tracks: Death Dealer, Fire In The Sky, Man Is The Enemy

Least Favorite Track: Into Chaos We Climb

Rating: 76 / 100

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