Ella Vos' Dreamy "Words I Never Said" Will Captivate You

It's easy to get lost in a dreamy atmosphere. That's part of the charm of indie pop, its smooth textures often leaving a lot of space to be filled in the back. Ella Vos' dreamy Words I Never Said will captivate you with its pretty background and crisp production. 

A beautiful album never fails to capture its aesthetic perfectly. Such is the case for Words I Never Said. There's a lot of wistfulness in Vos' voice that serves as a defining part of the record, though it is led by cheerful synths that make up the soundscape to add a bit of innocence into the mix. It's best heard on closing track 'Suddenly,' where the creamy chords underlie Vos' sweet delivery as she sings bittersweetly. There's a little dichotomy between the delivery and the message, giving that extra bit of depth.

Words I Never Said has a lot of great moments throughout the whole record. Opening track 'White Noise' is charming, if not a bit somber. It's production is crystal clean and every accentuation really stands out. The lyrics are quite nice at times, as well, such as on 'Rearrange' which has beautiful words and a sweet atmosphere, and also on 'Little Brother' which tells an endearing story. 'Down In Flames' is a quiet anthem, not going over the top but still empowering and uplifting all the same in its own way. Though Vos seems to love using the same vocal processing effect she uses throughout the album, there's quite a bit of variety on the record.

Ella Vos' dreamy Words I Never Said will captivate you with its dreamy atmospheres and changing tones. It's a very solid record, tightly knit with both clean production and an emotional voice. This record is only Vos' first, and the record already has me wondering where she'l take her sound from here.

Favorite Tracks: White Noise, Rearrange, Down In Flames

Least Favorite Track: Words I Never Said, Pt. I

Rating: 76 / 100

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