The Killers Remain Cinematic In "Wonderful Wonderful"

It's been awhile since The Killers last dropped new music, but the time has finally come. The alternative rockers are back with their polished sound once again, bringing the best of the old and combining it with the new. The Killers remain cinematic in Wonderful Wonderful.

There's always been a theatrical air around The Killers, and that certainly doesn't change on Wonderful Wonderful. Opening track, the title track 'Wonderful Wonderful,' brings things in on a dramatic note, its cinematic atmosphere letting you fall into the flow of the track. 'The Man' follows up with a more old-school funk vibe going on, the cinematic sense still present. That vibe never falters throughout the album, from the big alternative vibes of 'Run For Cover' to the western-tinged 'The Calling.'

Wonderful Wonderful may not be as punchy as old-school The Killers, but it does show maturity. Much of the album fantasizes about 80s electronica and everything from that era. The band even channels U2 on 'Life To Come.' It's a pretty diverse record even if for a majority of its runtime, it stays lowkey. There are big anthems and upbeat songs like 'Tyson vs Douglas,' but the softer, sweeter side comes out in 'Some Kind Of Love' and other slower songs. It's a nice blend, though sometimes it does feel like it drags a bit.

The Killers remain cinematic in Wonderful Wonderful, bringing some old-school vibes in with a fresh sound. It's a diverse record, and even if it feels a bit weak at moments, it gets the job done in the end. It's a sweet and energetic record at its core, and it gets the message it wants to across.

Watch The Killers cover David Bowie's 'Fame' at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performance here.

Favorite Tracks: Wonderful Wonderful, Rut, The Man

Least Favorite Track: Some Kind Of Love

Rating: 77 / 100

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