Papa Roach Stay On An Alternative Path In "Crooked Teeth"

As any band from that era should, Papa Roach have moved healthily away from their nu metal roots. They're still chugging out rocking tracks as the years go by, slowly becoming more accessible as the releases have come. Papa Roach stay on an alternative path in Crooked Teeth, their new record.

There are a bunch of interesting things going on the record that continue their progression as a more pop rock band. They reach a new level of their alternative adventure in 'Help,' which features the most ballady sound they've ever reached. Jacoby Shaddix's vocals chant powerfully above the anthemic guitars, which help give 'American Dreams' its energy. The band continues their exploration of EDM in tracks like the grand 'Born For Greatness' and 'My Medication,' the elements in which they began exploring in their previous record, F.E.A.R..

The beginning of the record gets off to a good start, but a bit of an underwhelming part. Crooked Teeth has a big mixing problem within it, and it becomes very clear that the album was mixed with one thing in mind: the combination of EDM and rock. The mixing of the album is really only flattering in 'Born For Greatness' - everywhere else, it just sounds muddy. Album opener 'Break The Fall' has big riffs and strong vocals, but the mixing really tones it down; the same is true for the following track 'Crooked Teeth,' even with its big drive.

Other points of the record just don't feel all strong. Machine Gun Kelly is featured on 'Sunrise Trailer Park,' and that's 9 times out of 10 a bad thing. The intro to 'Traumatic' is just odd and really out of place, throwing the song off from the start. The bad moments of the album really weigh it down, because there aren't that many great moments in the first place. It's all a pretty average intake of rock.

Papa Roach stay on an alternative path in Crooked Teeth but still haven't found the right footing yet. The album has a lot of mixing issues and isn't too consistent, leaving for a bunch of tracks that just don't sound connected and don't have a great replay value. They're still exploring what sounds right for them, and they definitely seem to be on the right path, though.

Favorite Track: Born For Greatness

Least Favorite Tracks: Traumatic, Sunrise Trailer Park

Rating: 69 / 100

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