Joji Gets Sensual On "In Tongues"

R&B has always been about sensuality, and today it's sort of losing its personal context and becoming a bit more self-absorbed. Joji gets sensual on In Tongues, taking the genre back to its purpose, if not briefly.

Joji is better known for his comedy videos, but this project is a serious venture. The first half of the EP maintains a very smooth, very cool texture that really sets a nice tone, separating it from his more non-serious work. 'Will He' opens the EP up with very smooth sounds, Joji expressing a desire to protect someone while almost cautioning himself to not overdo it or step out of his boundaries. 'Pills' follows up with similar sounds, though with a much different vibe attached. The minimalism of the instrumentals really allows for a lot of atmosphere to build.

The EP does get a bit more blunt as it goes on. It becomes apparent in songs like 'Bitter Fuck' that there's some sort of underlying resentment building up as things progress. It adds a sort of narrative to the EP, it starting so sweetly but slowly becoming more angered as it goes on. It may not be intentional, yet it does add a dynamic to the EP as it progresses.

Joji gets sensual on In Tongues, providing a smooth and dynamic listen for a nice little EP. It isn't very eventful but it provides a good minimalistic take on pure R&B, which is something the genre has been missing for awhile.

Favorite Track: Will He

Least Favorite Track: Worldstar Money (Interlude)

Rating: 70 / 100

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