Big Sean Sets The Record Straight In New Album "I Decided."

Big Sean is the bad boy of pop hip-hop, but he's out to prove himself as something more. His new album I Decided. is a more mature and focussed album than you may expect from him, and it reveals a more serious side to him.

There's definitely a strong conviction laced into I Decided. The dark 'Intro' to the album is a dramatic (albeit, cliché) little skit that sets the scene for the album. It's not really fun and doesn't have any subliminal message in it - that's to be said about a lot of the record. It's pretty serious and not willing to fool around, as the subject seems to be pretty important to him. 'Light' featuring Jeremih brings the album to a laidback, chilled start that has a conviction to it, setting a general mood for the album while still sounding cool.

There's definitely a more aggressive side to the album despite its cool flair. Eminem makes a big appearance on 'No Favors,' and delivers some slamming and harsh bars over the song. 'Jump Out The Window' is another chill song, but it has a distinct drive to it that does make it feel more energetic than chill. 'Voices In My Head / Stick To The Plan' is another track that sounds chill but really is pretty intense, Big Sean going through an almost schizophrenic delivery as gross and echoing backing vocals sound in the background repeating his statements that are directed to himself.

This album isn't perfect, but the good moments do stand out a lot. There's not necessarily a bad track on this album, either - the worst tracks are really just average ones. It comes to a strong end, however, with songs like 'Sacrifices' featuring Migos. The epic, dark, and mysterious instrumental is accented by all the strong verses and sick flow. 'Bigger Than Me' closes the record off, a dreamy instrumental backing verses from Big Sean and Starrah. It's a proper and almost spiritual sendoff to the record.

Big Sean set the record straight in I Decided. It's evident that he wanted something more serious and he earned it. It's not the most captivating record but it stands its place as proof that Big Sean can handle himself amongst the big boys of hip-hop.

Favorite Tracks: Sacrifices, Bigger Than Me, Voice In My Head / Stick To The Plan

Least Favorite Tracks: Intro, Moves

Rating: 72 / 100

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