Paul Weller Provides A Lot Of Soul On "A Kind Revolution"

There's something in the way Paul Weller croons that makes his music sound full. The groovy instrumentals that back his soulful vocals provide all the context for his voice to tell its stories, and there's a lot of that in hie new album. Paul Weller provides a lot of soul on A Kind Revolution

A highlight of A Kind Revolution, of course, is Weller's vocals. He really bares his all on this record, offering some great vocal performances that give the tracks character. His vocal prowess is noteworthy as early on as 'Nova,' where his timbre is akin to that of David Bowie with a slight edge to it. He takes a a folkier route on 'Long Long Road,' abandoning some of the elements of previous songs in favor of a more accessible one. He even takes things back to a more old-school vibe with 'She Moves With The Fayre.'

The instrumentals on this record are not to be ignored, either. In fact, they are the pivotal role in the album's strongest tracks. Opening track 'Woo Sé Mama' is a very active, invigorating intro that manages to build a sense of anergy to kick the record off. The song's wild composition and flair really help it stands its place. Things get a bit darker as things progress. 'New York' has an awesome mysterious vibe about it, making it a stand out track on the record. It's a combination of everything that makes this track awesome, including its rocking guitar solo to end.

The softer side to the record holds some weight to it, too. Closing song 'The Impossible Idea' is sort of a final hurrah to the soulful revolution this album wants, bringing the album out on a sweet note. The bluesiness of 'Satellite Kid' draws the line between the more active ones and the softer ones, but keeps a lot of soul in the equation. It's full of fun adlibs by the piano and guitars, and Weller's voice is rich. It eventually builds from a slow blues track to a rocking one by its end. It's a nice balance.

Paul Weller provides a lot of soul on A Kind Revolution, bringing that energy in both soft and active terms. The music calls for a soulful revolution - not one where we have to go out and fight for something we believe in, but something internal. Paul Weller wants us to connect with ourselves and really embrace it all, down to our very foundations. This album will help bring that out of us.

Favorite Tracks: New York, Satellite Kid, Woo Sé Mama

Least Favorite Track: Hopper

Rating: 74 / 100

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