Les Chants du Hasard Bring Metal and Cinema Together On "Les Chants du Hasard"

The French have always had a bit or a morbid take on things historically with their music... But they can also get a bit creative. Les Chants du Hasard bring metal and cinema together on Les Chants du Hasard, their debut record that takes an interesting take on black metal.

If there's one thing you'd never through you'd hear, it's the music in Les Chants du Hasard. The album is six songs long, and once you hear 'Chant I - Le Théâtre,' you already come face to face with what this album is all about. Imagine the grand, adventurous orchestras in the soundtrack of Lord Of The Rings. Now, add growled black metal vocals scream in French behind them, and you basically have Les Chants du Hasard. It's in interesting combination, to say the least.

While it is a weird combination, it does work out fairly well. It doesn't really work perfectly, but it works to the point where you can get a good picture of what the song tries to go for. The fact that it is entirely reliant on the orchestras to make the mood of the song work is the only part that's iffy, but the combination itself does sound like it has potential. Perhaps if there were more elements of metal instrumentals involved, it could've been more interesting. The whole charm behind the innovation dies after the first song.

Les Chants du Hasard bring metal and cinema together on Les Chants du Hasard in an interesting and promising combination. It's not fully taken advantage of on the record but perhaps future efforts will be more promising. It's something unique and its a huge risk which gives it credit already, though. Les Chants du Hasard is definitely an outfit you would want to keep your eyes on.

Favorite Track: Chants I - Le Théâtre

Least Favorite Track: Chants VI - La Vieillesse

Rating: 70 / 100