Dua Lipa Brings A Sweet Sound In Self-Titled Debut "Dua Lipa"

Pop singers always have to try and push their sound to stay relevant, because there's so much music out there that just sounds the same. English singer Dua Lipa doesn't necessarily do much of that, but she does offer some nice ideas. Dua Lipa brings a sweet sound in her self-titled debut Dua Lipa, bringing atmosphere and even some grandiose into the mix.

A majority of this album is some pretty standard pop. That's not always a bad thing, though, as Dua Lipa does it fairly well. Opening track 'Genesis' has a generally joyful vibe to it, bringing a tropical introduction to the album. Following track 'Lost In Your Light' with Miguel continues the upbeat and warm feeling, offering up some nice drive and sweetness to the record. Chiller vibes are introduced in 'IDGAF,' the finger picked guitar lying under Lipa's slightly more aggressive and confident tones, the big gang vocals adding accentuations to the track. 

Most of the album has that similar pop vibe, but there are a few outliers that really change the pace. 'Garden' is the most powerful track on the album, largely due to its epic soundscape. It's atmosphere is immense, the strings in the chorus underlying Lipa's dark and echoing melodies really electrifying the track. The song slowly builds, synths and harmonies coming in as the song progresses. 'No Goodbyes' offers a brighter form of this sound, it's more longing vibe sounding strong, and as a whole the instrumental is great - if Lipa exerted herself a little more vocally, this'd be another great song. Closing track 'Homesick' is also a nice change, the piano-oriented track offering a beautiful end to the record.

There isn't a lot of climax on Dua Lipa. That being said, there aren't really any horrible tracks, either. 'Blow Your Mind (Mwah)' is the only one that teeters off course, its cockiness (and obnoxiousness) only being tolerable thanks to the groovy instrumental. Other than that, Dua Lipa is a pretty laidback record, especially in later tracks. 'Thinkin' Bout You' really sells the laidback vibe, the snaps and lo-fi acoustic guitar intro that latter involves into a more R&B oriented synth really sounding fresh. 

Dua Lipa brings a sweet sound in her self-titled debut Dua Lipa, bringing some good ideas to the table. It feels like she restrains herself on a lot of the record that prevents it from being a great record, yet it still sounds pretty good. It leaves an exciting prospect for the future; when her voice really gets put loose, great things are sure to come.

Favorite Tracks: Garden, Homesick

Least Favorite Track: Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

Rating: 74 / 100

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