Calvin Harris Delivers Chill Summer Vibes In "Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1"

There's nothing like getting in a car on a sunny summer day and driving to the beach with some jams playing in the background. Calvin Harris has put together all the summer tunes you'll need for the venture, his new record full of infectious electronic tracks with a myriad of guests to keep you grooving. Calvin Harris delivers chill summer vibes in Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 that'll be the soundtrack to your summer.

The singles Harris released from the album really captured the essence of the record well. Opening track 'Slide' is the definitive track of the record, and really feels like the beginning of the trip. The super laidback instrumental with the croons from Frank Ocean and the boasting verses from Migos really set the pace and tone for the album, opening it on a high. 'Heatstroke' soon follows with a similarly catchy groove going on, Ariana Grande's sweet vocals creating an almost harsh dichotomy with Young Thug's more grating vocalizations, though Pharrell really ties it all together with his excellent harmonies. Pharrell returns near the end of the record with Katy Perry and Big Sean for 'Feels,' another super catchy and infectious tune that has Perry singing sweetly in the hook.

There's something intrinsically catchy about the entire album, and as it progresses you can sort of feel the day pass with it. You get the mid-noon vibe from the beginning of the record with the liquid and funky synths of 'Cash Out,' and as the sun continues to set you enter the nightlife with Snoop Dogg and John Legend in 'Holiday,' before the night comes to an intimate end as you and someone special get out of the car and have the exchange that is 'Hard To Love.' The story the album tells may not be a direct one, but it's definitely paced so that it goes through a fun summer night.

Not all is perfect on this record, sadly. There aren't many tracks that drag the entire album down, but there are some isolated moments that don't bring it up; in fact, that's a problem that occurs throughout the record. There aren't many tracks that up the game and expand upon the summer vibe. Everything just falls in line with previous tracks and don't make much of an impact on the album. The only track that just doesn't elevate the record whatsoever is 'Skrt On Me,' and its entirely because Nicki Minaj really lays this track to rest. She just doesn't do anything good on it.

Calvin Harris delivers chill summer vibes in Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, and though its a pretty safe juncture for most of the time, the groove is still there and it's still just the right album to take on a sunset drive by the shore. You won't be finding any other albums with quite a summery vibe as this one this year.

Favorite Tracks: Slide, Feels

Least Favorite Track: Skrt On Me

Rating: 76 / 100

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