St. Vincent Keeps Things Fresh In "Masseduction"

St. Vincent sent waves throughout the indie world when she released her self-titled record back in 2014. Fans and the rest of the indie world have been eagerly waiting for her follow up since then, and it's finally here. St. Vincent keeps things fresh in Masseduction, playing with her sound even more and continuing to evolve.

Indie rock is where St. Vincent really found her home, and she's been killing it for years. Her mastery shows on the record. 'Hang On Me' introduces the record with a lo-fi vibe, its aesthetic proudly showing that St. Vincent isn't about to play anything safe. 'Pills' immediately follows with a pretty damning message, the song satirizing a reliance on drugs to keep us satisfied in the world. She jumps all around and hits upon many emotions in Masseduction; even love, in 'Happy Birthday, Johnny,' which is a recollective, somber track about someone from her past.

The sonic palette of Masseduction is pretty remarkable. There's a lot of unique sounds on the record and a pretty consistent rate, such as the industrial pop song in 'Masseduction.' It's a metallic sound paired with poppy optimism, which is a very capturing sound. 'Fear The Future' develops that sound with more of a futuristic connotation to it. There's some dark tracks too like 'Los Ageless' and closing track 'Smoking Section' (the latter of which is essentially a perfect capturing of St. Vincent's aesthetic), while she also finds time to groove in songs like the big sounding 'Young Lover' with its infectious beat. Masseduction has it all.

After being in the game for so long, St. Vincent isn't here to play anymore games. She's ready to experiment and have fun with something new and dangerous. St. Vincent keeps things fresh in Masseduction, again creating some powerful and interesting songs while still maintaining integrity.

Favorite Tracks: Happy Birthday, Johnny; Smoking Section, Los Ageless

Least Favorite Track: Savior

Rating: 78 / 100

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