The Vamps' "Night & Day" Is Just More Bland Boy Band Pop

There will always be the classic heartthrob boy bands that capture all the middle school girl's hearts and annoy pretty much everyone else. That's something that'll never change. Coincidentally, The VampsNight & Day is just more bland boy band pop that fits the bill exactly.

You have to hand it to these groups; they find a way to beat a single idea to death in plenty of different ways on every album they make. Night & Day sees nothing but the "I'm in love and I'm sad that I won't do anything about it" formula being recycled over and over again. Some songs are sad, some are happy. Whether you're at the start of the record with 'All Night' or nearer to the end with 'My Place,' you might as well be listening to the same song. It's just not worth really listening to more than one song.

Being as popular as they are, they have one thing going for them: production quality. Though every song is basically the same, the production is pristine. Opening track 'Middle Of The Night' is pretty much the pinnacle of the record even if it isn't a great track by any means (it's the same formula as everything else on the record, but its only the first track so you aren't sick of it yet). The melodies are nice and the production is excellent, but that can be said about pretty much everything on the album, so there really isn't much to compliment other than they did one thing right.

The Vamps' Night & Day is just more bland boy band pop, so if you skip out on this record you really won't be missing anything you haven't heard a thousand times before. It's the absolute average of its kind, and though for some the melodies and upbeat instrumentals may be a guilty pleasure, it's probably best to save your time on this one.

Favorite Track: Middle Of The Night

Least Favorite Tracks: Paper Hearts, Shades On

Rating: 53 / 100

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