Brockhampton Change The Dynamic Of Hip-Hop In "Saturation II"

The art of hip-hop is slowly fading. Artists hide behind autotune and monotonous beats, while others try to copy styles ineffectively. Brockhampton change the dynamic of hip-hop in Saturation II, an album with a lot of innovative sounds and most of all, a charming perspective.

The most capturing part of Saturation II is its sonic soundscape. There aren't many other hip-hop albums that sound as diverse like Saturation II does. 'Gummy' introduces it on a magical note, the cinematic glory devolving into static before a creepy, brooding beat kicks in, eventually evolving into an Eastern-influenced beat. That's innovative. Just as uniquely as 'Gummy' opens the record, the album closes on the feel good vibes of 'Summer,' capturing the season in beautiful color and shimmering bluesy glory. Instrumental moments will keep you invigorated throughout the record, whether it be at the epic 'Fight' or the beautiful end of 'Sunny.'

Brockhampton is a collective of producers and rappers, and it's very evident that there are many minds working all at once on every track. So many perspectives come to life and so many ideas manage to blend beautifully. 'Queer' celebrates this idea, the song nothing being about founder Kevin Abstract but rather about the odd conglomeration that Brockhampton is and how it all somehow works as a machine. From the dreamy otherworldly side of 'Tokyo' to the beautifully composed 'Gamba,' this album tells many stories from many sides with lots of fresh creativity to spare. It never gets boring and it never loses momentum.

Brockhampton change the dynamic of hip-hop in Saturation II. It's inspired, infused with creativity, and most of all, willing to bare it all. Saturation III is rumored to be out before the end of this year, so hopefully that fresh flow will continue and strengthen. This is the proof hip-hop isn't dead. It's alive and breathing, and if this is the art that rises to the top, it'll return to its full glory.

Favorite Tracks: Summer, Gummy, Gamba, Fight

Least Favorite Track: Scene 2

Rating: 87 / 100

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