Talib Kweli Lashes Out Against Society In "Radio Silence"

Hip-hop has always been an oppressed genre. From its blues roots to today, there's always been stigma attached to it. That hasn't stopped it from fighting back. Talib Kweli lashes out against society in Radio Silence, raising a call to arms against oppression.

Radio Silence opens up on a big note with 'The Magic Hour,' its punchy style giving the record an upfront vibe to kick it off with. A smoother vibe follows through as Anderson .Paak brinigs a funky atmosphere in 'Traveling Light' as Kweli raps about the changing world around him. There's a lot of different types of songs on Radio Silence, from the dark sound of title track 'Radio Silence' to the good vibes of 'Let It Roll.' 

While there are many different types of songs, they all relate to one purpose: how things have changed, and largely not for the better as far as Kweli is concerned. The angry outcries in the beginning of 'All Of Us' really sets the tone for the entire album. The sound of rebellion is followed by smoother modern sounds, as if to say the two are related. Kweli more openly embraces a modern front on 'Chips' with Waka Flocka, going for a big and anthemic vibe. HE immediately goes back to slamming the way of the world with 'Knockturnal,' making a statement about how some people are just dragged into situations that they cannot escape from.

Talib Kweli lashes out against society in Radio Silence against what the world has become. Kweli has been a major part of what hip-hop has become, and he has always known what the stigmas are that are attached to the genre are. He hasn't stopped fighting back and letting his voice be heard and, if you take anything from Radio Silence, it should be that you shouldn't, either.

Favorite Track: Chips

Least Favorite Track: Write At Home

Rating: 73 / 100

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