Anna Of The North Keeps It Cool In "Lovers"

A new face on the pop soon can have the potential to really stand as a new voice in a sound of standards. Anna Of The North isn't really that, but she does what she does well. Anna Of The North keeps it cool in Lovers and though its not a particularly interesting record, it gets the job done.

Anna Of The North kicks the record off on a calming note, 'Moving On' introducing smooth synths and sweet vocals. The song moves by fairly quickly, smoothly coming into the next song 'Someone.' It's a pretty constant run of nice, sweet song into the next. 'Money,' the album's main single, is a slightly edgier track, taking a more punchy sound and a stronger drive in the lyrics.

There really isn't much else going on in Lovers, sadly. It's a pretty forgettable album, save for a a very isolated few moments. Everything after 'Money' pretty much falls into a cycle of monotony. Every song is the essentially same and blend into each other such that you don't really realize anything has changed. There's nothing definitive on Lovers that really makes Anna Of The North standout.

While Anna Of The North keeps it cool on Lovers, at the end of the day there's nothing really defining about her sound on the record. It's a sweet, lowkey pop album but its essentially one long track that gets all too boring all too quick. There's few points of interest and nothing that will grab you back.

Favorite Track: Money

Least Favorite Track: Baby

Rating: 59 / 100

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