Jen Cloher Builds An Energetic Indie Sound In Self-Titled LP

An indie sound is a very fine tuned thing. It comes with fine emotion and a polished interior with a rough exterior. Jen Cloher builds an energetic indie sound in her self-titled LP Jen Cloher.

It takes a moment for Cloher's sound to develop into the place it should be for the entire record, but it does get there eventually, and when it does it really zooms. 'Strong Woman' is the first track to really prioritize a grander sound, its great build giving it a powerful dynamic and a lively feeling. The energy continues throughout the rest of the record, carrying into the full and wholesome sound of 'Kinda Biblical' and the awesome and mysterious build of 'Great Australian Bite.'

The beginning of the album lacks a noticeable punch, though, and not in the soothing way. When 'Forgot Myself' opens up, it almost feels a little underwhelming. Nothing grabs out at you, and when 'Analysis Paralysis' follows it feels just dull and trivial. Cloher explores a better sense of emptiness at the end of the record, where 'Dark Art' brings the record to a close in a more thought-provoking manner. The lyrics tell a somber tale of love and leaves the album out on a sad but fitting note.

Jen Cloher builds an energetic indie sound in her self-titled LP Jen Cloher, and even though the start is a bit bumpy the end justifies the journey it took to get there. It's a sweet record and when the energy kicks in things really get rolling and makes for a really great indie record.

Favorite Tracks: Strong Woman, Great Australian Bite

Least Favorite Track: Analysis Paralysis

Rating: 74 / 100

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