PARTYNEXTDOOR Follows In Drake's Steps In "COLOURS 2" EP

PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake may as well be best friends in the industry. You can't get through a single Drake project without PARTYNEXTDOOR appearing somewhere on it. The OVO Sound artist is a huge influence on Drake's creative process in each of his albums, and in his new EP, it's clear how. PARTYNEXTDOOR follows in Drake's steps in his new COLOURS 2 EP, a laidback R&B EP without much purpose.

Any criticisms I have for COLOURS 2 pretty much go hand in hand with Drake's More Life project earlier this year, the only difference being that this is a much shorter EP. That means instead of being bored for an hour, you only have to be bored for seventeen minutes. There is basically no content to cling onto on COLOURS 2. Opening track 'Peace Of Mind' pretty much sets the tone that is repeated for the entire album. A murky, moody background behind a basic hip-hop beat supporting the same gooey vocals is essentially the backbone of this EP.

I wish there was something more to say or show for it, but there really isn't. The droning synth intro of 'Low Battery' is nice, but it quickly just devolves into a basic club track without much to show for it. 'Rendezvous' closes the record with a slightly grittier sound, but still nothing really climactic or memorable. COLOURS 2 feels more like a collection of demos of the same song rather than an EP of differing tracks.

PARTYNEXTDOOR follows in Drake's steps in the COLOURS 2 EP, and sadly not in the right ways. It's clear to see where Drake gets his moody vibes from. Instead of disappointing the listener for too long, it's just a brief seventeen and a half minutes you have to sit through. It's not a harsh listen and its pretty easy on the ears, but it's not something you'll find yourself coming back to any time soon.

Favorite Track: Low Battery

Least Favorite Tracks: Rendezvous, Peace Of Mind

Rating: 55 / 100

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