LCD Soundsystem Return In A Big Way On "American Dream"

When news broke that LCD Soundsystem was returning for a new album this year, the indie world went into uproar. The album is finally here, seeing LCD Soundsystem return in a big way. American Dream is just the music you waited for from them after all this time.

LCD Soundsystem doesn't disappoint by any measure on this album. American Dream is everything the band embodies and more, and from the first track to the last you feel lost in the indie goodness. The introduction to opening track 'Oh Baby' commands your attention, the big fat bass rolling in soon to support the beautiful melodies. A more flamboyant sound follows in 'Other Voices' with an almost chastising delivery, but its the infectious groove and awesome build that really captures the essence of what LCD Soundsystem is all about and brings it a step further.

American Dream doesn't shy away from risks. The weirdly jagged 'Change Yr Mind,' for example, is one such time they stray from a more controlled route. But in this uncertainty they make something more magical. It's imperfect, but that adds to its charm. You do get more polished up numbers, like singles 'Call The Police' and the shimmering title track 'American Dream,' but for most of the record you find yourself in a daze of unique sound. The retro funkiness of 'Tonite' will bring you back to some of the band's earlier material while you'll get lost in the progressive, drawn out ending 'Black Screen' to bring the album to a final and definitive close.

LCD Soundsystem return in a big way on American Dream, delivering an awesome record with lots of cool sounds and most of all, a fresh take on their beloved sound. It's LCD Soundsystem and more, being imperfect but just rightly so all the same.

Favorite Tracks: Other Voices, American Dream, I Used To

Least Favorite Track: Emotional Haircut

Rating: 81 / 100

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