James Holden & The Animal Spirits Go On An Adventure In "The Animal Spirits"

Albums that have a worldly sound to them really ave the ability to take you somewhere. Influences can be drawn from all over the world. James Holden & The Animal Spirits go on an adventure in The Animal Spirits and bring you along for the ride on their psychedelic, electronic waves.

The Animal Spirits is a unique album in sound. It combines the out-of-this-world groove of psychedelic music with wavy electronica to achieve its sound. It kicks off with 'Incantation For Inanimate Object,' the title speaking true of the track - it is pretty much a chant straight from what sounds like a tribal ritual. From there, the album moves into 'Spinning Dance,' a continuation of the ritual experience. It has a strange yet captivating sound, with a great build to it to keep things interesting.

A lot of ground is covered on the journey The Animal Spirits takes you on. The dark and brooding 'Pass Through The Fire' may take you through a desert as the sun sets, and 'Thunder Moon Gathering' has some old-school Middle Eastern tones in it that'll keep you in that setting. Some tracks are less specific, such as the dreamy 'The Neverending' with its fantastic arpeggios and brilliant saxophone will take you to a variety of places, while the diverse sounds in 'The Beginning & The End Of The World' and the drive of 'Each Moment Like The First' will leave you mind to guide you.

James Holden & The Animal Spirits go on an adventure in The Animal Spirits, bringing you along on their psychedelic adventure. It's a weird, glitchy album but it gets the job done. It'll take yu throughout the world while you sit in your seat, which is a beautiful thing.

Favorite Tracks: Thunder Moon Gathering, The Neverending, Pass Through The Fire

Least Favorite Track: The Animal Spirits

Rating: 74 / 100

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