Jacques Greene Finds Himself In A Comfort Zone In "Feel Infinite"

Electronic music has infinite possibilities, or, at least, it feels as if there are infinite possibilities. Many artists find themselves repeating a similar formula centered around the same ideas that build the same song consistently. That's where Jacques Greene finds himself. His new album Feel Infinite sees him fall into a comfort zone he doesn't want to escape, but still has a generally unique sound.

Much of Feel Infinite has, at least, an agreeable sound. There's not a moment on the record that really feels out of place, though that being said, there isn't really a moment on the record that has a starkly different sound from any other song. The entire album has a generally dreamy vibe, and you are introduced to that right from the start with 'Fall,' the incoherent female vocals moaning and crooning with each passing bar. It's a nice intro to the record with a sweeping vibe and spiraling synths. 

There aren't many moments that really stand out, however. As I mentioned before, everything essentially sounds the same. Some songs like 'Feel Infinite' have a cool synth line in them that at least keeps them a bit more active, but for the most part this album's an open book. In fact, nearly the entire second half of the record is just a carbon copy of the first track with various beats and the same female moans and samples. It goes all the way until the end, when 'You See All My Light' ends the record on a pretty weak and unfulfilling note.

The places this record that shine are few and far between, but they are there. How To Dress Well features on 'True,' making the song sound like a more laidback track from The Weeknd, giving the album some swagger (and lyrics). The best track on the album is definitively 'I Won't Judge,' as it embodies all the elements of the record in a tasteful and dramatic way. The synth at the end of the track makes it feel almost apocalyptic or cataclysmic - there's just something almost evil about it that makes it feel otherwordly amongst the rest of the tracks elements. This feeling is something that this record could have, but it only makes it happen in that one spot.

Feel Infinite isn't a bad album. It's an album that misses the mark by staying too close to the same principles. It might as well be an album of six songs, with the first track and the entire second half of the record combined into one. It's misguided, but it does show promise. The future has potential for Jacques Greene, it's just a matter of escaping his comfort zone and wandering into the unknown.

Favorite Tracks: I Won't Judge, Feel Infinite

Least Favorite Tracks: Cycles, You See All My Light

Rating: 71 / 100

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