Rationale Brings A Sweet Pop Tone In "Rationale"

A lot of pop music is about personal identity. It's an avenue that really values the emotions of what is means to go through a situation. Rationale brings a sweet pop tone in Rationale, his sophomore album that bares his soul.

One of the biggest factors that makes Rationale very effective is that it has a sense of familiarity with it. Each song channels something that you can relate to in someway. You get uplifting vibes from just the melodies of 'Phenomenal,' everything about the song being one big call for motivation. 'Into The Blue' has the same effect, its fantastic production and powerful vocals adding a lot of power to it. Closing track 'Somewhere To Belong' hits hardest, Rationale singing painfully in such a way that your heart may very well break.

The album, for the most part, has a very nice sound to it. Opening track 'Re.Up' brings it to a preppy start with its funky and warm tone. The record utilizes a lot of indie pop tropes but make the best of them such that nothing ever becomes boring or bland. You even get that big, feel-good indie vibe from 'Loving Life' that'll brighten your listening experience. 'Fast Lane' follows through with a more sweet, poppy feel that just makes you feel good.

When pop is honest and really tells your story as a person, it hits the hardest. Rationale brings a sweet pop tone in Rationale, crooning from his soul while delivering a strong pop record at the same time. That's a combination for success.

Favorite Tracks: Somewhere To Belong, Into The Blue

Least Favorite Track: Fast Lane

Rating: 78 / 100

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