Gogol Bordello Jams Big On "Seekers and Finders"

The weird jams are sometimes the biggest jams. Gogol Bordello is no stranger to either of those words. Each effort is something eclectic and almost like it came from another world. Gogol Bordello jams big on Seekers and Finders, their latest album.

In the chaos of Gogol Bordello's music goes hand in hand with fun. Right from the very beginning you can understand that light air surrounding the album, 'Did It All' bringing a fun call-and-response intro and playing with the motif throughout the track. Chaos becomes the main factor in songs like 'Break Into Your Higher Self,' but the interjections add a sort of restraint to it and add dynamic to the wild nature of the song. Things sometimes get a little too out of control, like the very odd lyrics of 'Seekers and Finders,' the title track. Now, the lyrics are pretty left-field for the entire album, but when they're the foreground, they really stick out.

There's a lot of experimentation on Seekers and Finders to keep the flavor interesting. It's a palette of different shades and hues. The bluesy, jazzy build of 'Familia Bonfireball' pairs well with the jazzy and moody 'Clearvoyance' that follows it. In a similar vein is 'Love Gangsters,' a cinematic track that feels like the lovechild of a Bond theme and surf rock. Big riffs command 'Saboteur Blues,' making it an instant jam, while the album still keeps its atmosphere light with fun tracks like 'If I Ever Get Home Before Dark' and the anthemic 'Still That Way' to close out the album.

Gogol Bordello jams big on Seekers and Finders, giving their chaotic sound a new level of energy. It's an album with many sounds done in just the right, crazy way to ensure the album never loses its quality and keeps things rolling from beginning to end. That's a feat to be appreciated on its own, let alone when the content justifies the end.

Favorite Tracks: Love Gangsters, Saboteur Blues, Walking On The Burning Coal

Least Favorite Track: Seekers and Finders

Rating: 82 / 100

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