Tigers Jaw Is Hopelessly Optimistic In Anthemic "Spin"

A good indie rock record always has a key emotion to it, and the best ones always have a sense of tragedy to them. Tigers Jaw is hopelessly optimistic in their anthemic new album Spin, which makes for a strong listen and a great record.

One of the most outstanding qualities of Spin are its vocals. Right from the beginning with 'Follows,' you are met with great melodies that soar above a controlled instrumental, which vary from relaxed (as they are generally in 'Follows') to more anthemic. The vocals are delivered by both core members of the band, Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins, providing a fresh mix between male and female vocals, the contrasting timbres making the album never have a dull moment. The warm vibe and sweet vocals on 'June,' sung by Collins, for example, has a much different sound than 'Make It Up' towards the end of the record, where Walsh sadly sings "I'll make it up" to himself over and over again. It all falls under the same generally mood, but at different ends of the spectrum.

The album is really diverse for an indie rock record, and it certainly sounds very refreshing. There aren't enough songs like 'Escape Plan,' its acoustic intro and somber duet building into an epic and emotional ballad by its end. It's like the alternative rock sound from the mid-2000s brought to a modern front, and that's a recipe for success. The dreamy sound of 'Blurry Vision' and the way it transitions into the nicely driven 'Guardian,' its great melodies standing out on the record.

There really isn't anywhere this record goes wrong; it's solid from start to end. The only real complaint I have is that closer song 'Window' just doesn't feel like the right way to end this record. Other than that, everything goes off perfectly. Even the safer tracks, like 'Brass Ring' with its playful melody and strong chords just sound great.

Tigers Jaw is hopelessly optimistic in their anthemic new album Spin and it almost feels nostalgic. This album is the sound of the mid-2000s but with a modern flair, and there's no way things can go wrong there. It's a solid record with a refreshing sound and powerful execution, and one you won't be able to get out of your head (in all the right ways).

Favorite Tracks: Guardian, Escape Plan, Same Stone, Follows

Least Favorite Track: Window

Rating: 84 / 100

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