Walk The Moon Sound Bright In "What If Nothing"

Walk The Moon has become a staple in the sound of indie rock in the past few years. They're continuing to pursue and develop that sound in their new record, with a glamorous atmosphere to assist them. Walk The Moon sound bright in What If Nothing, with loads of influences to draw upon to enhance their sound.

What If Nothing is inviting and sweet from the start, with the warm introduction of 'Press Restart.' The beginning album really does everything it can to keep your attention, no matter what crowd you come from - 'Headphones' brings a much edgier sound to the table with disjointed riffs and raucous choruses, while 'One Foot' is super catchy in all the proper pop ways, with bright anthemic choruses and summery verses and an Imagine Dragons atmosphere.

What If Nothing has a bit of an identity crisis as it progresses. A few tracks have very clear influences that Walk The Moon puts their own spin on; 'Surrender' is a poppier U2 track, while 'Sound Of Awakening' is clearly channeling Bon Iver. The band also takes a lot of sounds from the 80s and 90s, like on the smooth 'Tiger Tooth' and the groovy 'All I Want.' The album just gets a bit dull towards the end, though. Every track sounds like it blends together and there's nothing quite dynamic enough to pique your attention like the start of the album did. It starts pretty strong and ends a pretty disappointingly.

Walk The Moon sound bright in What If Nothing, bringing influences and their own touch to the game once again. It's not a perfect album and lacks a lot of dynamic to make a lot of tracks what they could be, but it's Walk The Moon continuing to carry on with an infectious sound (for the radio friendly tracks, at least), and that's what the world wants.

Favorite Track: One Foot

Least Favorite Track: Headphones

Rating: 70 / 100

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