Hopsin Tells It All In "No Shame"

In hip-hop, integrity is important. The stories a rapper tells must come from the heart, or else the disconnect is very easily heard. Hopsin tells it all in No Shame, revealing the darkest moments of his past in harrowing detail.

No Shame takes no time to get real. Opening track 'Hotel In Sydney' sets the stage for the entire record, explaining what caused most of Hopsin's suffering: his bride cheating on him with her personal trainer, while pregnant with he can only hope is his child. While it feels like a less intense version of Eminem's 'Kim,' Hopsin's story is less violent and based on true events (not just his inner demons, as 'Kim' is). Hopsin draws upon the story established in 'Hotel In Sydney' throughout the album, straight to the end in tracks like 'Ill Mind Of Hopsin 9' where he raps a letter to his son who he never got to meet (as he explains in the opening track, he was kicked out of Australia for pushing his bride in frustration). 

No Shame is more than just an album about misfortune. There's quite a few bangers on the record, like 'Right Here' and 'Twisted' which both have dark beats and great hooks with catchy and memorable melodies. There are some interesting moments on the record, such as the entirety of 'Happy Ending,' which is just hilariously strange. Usually skits are boring and weaken the album, yet they actually add context on No Shame. 'No Words 2' is just hilarious, as well, as he mocks the more popular rappers. The record ends on 'Witch Doctor' with African vibes giving his heritage a shoutout, leaving the album off on a dark and funky note. 

Hopsin tells it all in No Shame, revealing everything he believes in and the biggest, darkest moments of his life that inspired his music. It keeps things interesting with strong melodies and catchy, dark beats while revealing a lot about who Hopsin is. It's a personal record, and still a very catchy one.

Favorite Tracks: Twisted, Right Here

Least Favorite Track: Happy Ending

Rating: 73 / 100

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