So Much Light Gets Creative On "Oh, Yuck"

There are few things better than a pop album that oozes creativity. That's exactly what you get on California-native So Much Light's new album. With fresh sounds and a fun atmosphere, So Much Light gets creative on Oh, Yuck.

The most striking part of Oh, Yuck is that you're never gonna find yourself feeling bored. From the very beginning with the cute (albeit somewhat unnecessary) intro 'New Game,' you're introduced to something bright and curious. 'Little Fanfare' brings a whole load of sweetness with its big pop groove and sparkly nature. 'Full Body Mirror' keeps the sweetness going, only this time the instrumental is even more fun to the point where it's almost a tease.

Lots of pop albums conform to a formula, following trends in the safest ways possible. So Much Light isn't afraid to try things out on his album, making great choices and making sure that every moment and every hit counts. From the great melodies and amazing sounds in 'Love That Never Fades' to the pulsating, feel-good ending of 'Let It Absorb You,' every moment of Oh, Yuck makes you feel like you're a kid in a candy store waiting for every new sweet treat to hit you. It doesn't stop giving.

So Much Light gets creative on Oh, Yuck and makes a pop album that doesn't conform to anything but his own mind. It challenges everything you'd expect from traditional pop and creates an amazing soundscape while keeping a light and fun atmosphere rolling. This is where pop should really go in the future. It's a flash of gold in a bucket of dirt.

Favorite Tracks: Love That Never Fades, Let It Absorb You, Deep Down, Be Afraid

Least Favorite Tracks: Artificial Sweeteners, New Game

Rating: 83 / 100

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