HAIM Tells Tragic Tales Of Love In "Something To Tell You"

Love is hard and fragile. It appears before you but can disappear in an instant. We've all been through a difficult time dealing with it, and music is the best place to find comfort in. HAIM made headlines when they first appeared on the scene years ago, and they're finally back but haven't lost their integrity. HAIM tells tragic tales of love in Something To Tell You, their somber sophomore record.

Thematically, this album generally likes to look on the bright side of things. There really aren't any moments on the record that are definitively sad in mood; it's all pretty warm and endearing. Opening track 'Want You Back' enters with a warm and punchy nature, the hook sweetly chanting "I want you back." That magic doesn't die out any time soon: 'Little Of Your Love' soon follows with a cheerful and almost playful nature, and 'Ready For You' comes in with a more curious mood.

This album is pretty similar in methodology to Paramore's After Laughter. Many of the lyrics are actually pretty sad and heartbreaking, though the cheerful delivery masks that sad. It's most evident in 'Right Now' towards the end of the record, and while the instrumental is definitely more stripped down and raw than the rest of the record, there's definitely still a sort of upbeat vibe to it. The lyrics tell a hard story, one of a failing love that was given up. The song explodes to life towards the end, all the isntruments and elements coming together for a huge explosion of emotion.

Music is an art that provides unconditionally comfort. HAIM tells tragic tales of love in Something To Tell You, making it a key contender for the best heartbreak record of 2017. When you need something to tell you it'll all be okay, and that there's hope for the future, this album will be there for you.

Favorite Track: Right Now

Least Favorite Track: You Never Knew

Rating: 75 / 100

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