Marilyn Manson Goes Back To Industrial Sounds In "Heaven Upside Down"

Marilyn Manson has always been a character. His music has been a point of debate for many years, and even if the line of what is acceptable in music has changed, he's not done making statements. Though he recently had some injuries, Manson isn't ready to call it quite anytime soon. Marilyn Manson goes back to industrial sounds in Heaven Upside Down, bringing back some of the powerful and rebellious sounds from his past back.

Manson's last effort, The Pale Emperor, saw Manson take up a more alternative sound with less of a focus on his thick, angry, industrial sounds. He's back at it on Heaven Upside Down, the sounds of some neo-apocalyptic riot being the introduction to 'Revelation #12,' the album's opening track. Soon accompanied by a thick and aggressive riff, the song sees Manson immediately back to his rebellious attitude. 'Tattooed In Reverse' continues, only with more electronics adding a newer, evil element to the track. The chorus is pure anger, while the song has an overall creepy vibe to it.

The most refreshing thing about Heaven Upside Down is that it has variety. From the rockier sound of 'Say10' to the epic, eight-minute long, poppy, and satirical 'Saturnalia,' Manson really tried to get in touch with his roots. 'Blood Honey' really takes it all and combines it in one place, the quiet piano intro building into an aggressive, almost anthemic track that becomes synth-oriented to keep its grandiose growing. Closing track 'Threats Of Romance' brings the record to a violent end, big, punchy riffs and enraged screams taking the album out on a angered note.

Marilyn Manson goes back to industrial sounds in Heaven Upside Down, adopting more of his past sounds and returning to his angered state and rebellious tones. Despite his recent problems, Manson has proven that he's not done kicking just yet.

Favorite Tracks: Revelation #12, Threats Of Romance, Say10

Least Favorite Tracks: Jesus Crisis

Rating: 78 / 100

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