Lil Yachty Never Finds His Flow On "Teenage Emotions"

If there was ever an end-all-be-all meme in hip-hop, Lil Yachty must be it. No one has a reputation quite like he does, and based off his music, that's probably for the best. Lil Yachty never finds his flow on Teenage Emotions and just sounds off.

Before you ask "did he have a flow in the first place," let's just give him the benefit of the doubt and say he did, because on this record there is literally nothing. It becomes clear from the first full track 'DN Freestyle' that this will be a rough 70-minute journey. There's literally nothing creative about it, nor is there anything vaguely clever. It's just words put together in hopes of sounding cool.

That last sentence basically sums up Lil Yachty. Add in the occasional trendy autotune and there you have it. There are simply appalling verses throughout this record, but by the end of it there's just some downright crazy stuff. While Takeoff of Migos' "Yellow bitch, Pikachu / Cameltoe peekin' at you" in 'Peek A Boo' is hardly impressive, "Drippin', I'm wet / Fuck her, she wet / Ooh, big body Benz / Hop out, president" in 'X Men' is just unacceptable. And you cannot leave out 'Priorities,' which boasts the Shakespearean quality second verse that contains lines like "Choppa style, she can't argue with dick in her mouth" and "'Cause she get wet and she suck me like a insect / She my step sister, so I guess that's incest."

Teenage Emotions is a mess, but there are a few good moments on it. 'Like A Star' is a nice intro to the album, and really would've been a good song had the interlude part not been in there. 'Better' is the only genuinely good song on the record, and that's not by comparison; the reggae-infused track meets female vocals from English singer Stefflon Don, the entire track having a dreamy atmosphere to it and a just has a genuinely nice tone.

Lil Yachty never finds his flow on Teenage Emotions, and it's more or less like listening to the sound of a trainwreck for seventy minutes. There is little redemption on the record that justifies such an amalgamation of terrible tracks. Even if you're in it for the jokes, you still wouldn't want to put yourself through this. Save yourself before it's too late.

Favorite Track: Better

Least Favorite Tracks: Priorities, X Men, All Around Me, FYI (Know How)

Rating: 24 / 100

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