Nine Inch Nails Explode Back To Life With "Add Violence"

Nine Inch Nails have long heralded the industrial rock genre, decades of experiments and risks leading to one of the most celebrated discographies in all of music. Admittedly, though, their last effort, December 2016's Not The Actual Events, did seem like a bit of a swing and a miss. Nine Inch Nails explode back to life with Add Violence, the band's new EP.

Lead single 'Less Than' really showed that the band were back on form. Bringing the grandiose of The Fragile and the energy of Year Zero into one big, electronic-driven track, 'Less Than' opens the record with a huge energy that only Nine Inch Nails can form so perfectly. 'The Lovers' follows with a more restrained yet creepy and ethereal song, Trent Reznor torturedly chanting "Into the arms of the lovers / You can take me / Take all that’s left / I am free, finally / Combined and perfect" to leave the song off strong.

If at all anything, Reznor's music is one thing: emotional. Every song he's ever created has perfectly brought out some sensuality and raw emotion to the mix, and whether you're listening to the moody groans and pained words of 'This Isn't The Place' or the angry growls of 'Not Anymore,' there is always something that comes from deep within him that comes out in the music. You can feel every aspect of Trent Reznor's mind in this record, even in the expansive 11 minute barrage of sound that is 'The Background World.'

Nine Inch Nails explode back to life with Add Violence, after easing up on the power in Not The Actual Events. Trent Reznor feels back in his element here and delivers something powerful and thought-provoking, again proving that there will never be a band like Nine Inch Nails that can so powerfully create emotion.

Favorite Tracks: Less Than, This Isn't The Place

Least Favorite Track: The Background World

Rating: 78 / 100

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