Odonis Odonis Takes Industrial To A New Level In "No Pop"

Industrial music really ran through its peak in the 90s with Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson really taking the reigns of the sound. There are still those today living in that sound and attempting to combine it with modern noises, Odonis Odonis being one of them. Odonis Odonis takes industrial to a new level in No Pop, combining contemporary music with the aggression of industrial.

Industrial music isn't typically the most accessible, and Odonis Odonis embrace that. 'Night Beat' introduces the record with bit of a horror vibe, the deep bass accentuated by creepy punches of sounds, like mechanic roars and moans echoing through chambers. That doesn't exactly die out as the albums goes on. 'Check My Profile' proceeds with more creepy vibes, the metallic synth that begins the song pulsing with some ghastly anger. Just as the album begins, 'By The Second' ends the record on an unsettling note, the childish abode of the synth paired with the dark, murky bass and the whispered, ghastly vocals really just making sure you're uneasy to the very last second.

No Pop is like what Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral would sound like if it was released today. 'Check My Profile' even sounds like some demo version of 'Closer.' 'Eraser' essentially sounds like NIN on poppier steroids. There's a beauty in the way Odonis Odonis don't fail at making you feel uncomfortable. As metallically harsh as it may seem, there's a pretty sensual element to it. In a very dark and moody way, it does get have some sexual undertones to it. 'Nasty Boy' perhaps does it best, it's schizophrenic synths and vocals filled with angry passion. It could be insanity, it could be making love. The "get off me" and gross yelps don't add a positive context to that, but regardless, that energy exists.

Odonis Odonis takes industrial to a new level in No Pop, their metallic commentary filled with anger, sexual energy, and chaos. Industrial was never a genre to stay within any boundaries, and it's no different here. Odonis Odonis have continued to build the angry tower of industrial higher, adding a modern flair into it to ensure it's longevity.

Favorite Track: Nasty Boy

Least Favorite Track: One

Rating: 75 / 100

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